Genesis Tour


One-Day Genesis Tour

Our tailor-made Genesis tour covers the Geo Mountain Trail in the mountains of Barberton. What makes this excursion so unique is that these rocks occur in only two sites in the world, and the other site is inaccessible! The Geo trail has 11 stops where information boards give visitors a better understanding of the complex events that defined the earth’s geographical landscapes over the ages. Researchers are still uncovering hidden secrets in the world’s oldest rock formations, and the Geo Trail covers some of the most important sites evidencing ancient volcanoes, tsunamis and other formative events.

In addition, the Genesis Route is rich in history. Exciting stories unfolded here – from the impossible journeys undertaken by the Voortrekkers in their ox-wagons to the gold rush which took place in these mountains.

There is mystery and intrigue in these sacred places and guests continue to be blown away by the magnitude of nature’s magnificence in the surrounding geological wonders of the Makhonjwa Mountain Range.

Optional Extra:

  • Specialised Geological excursions.
  • 4x4 Excursions into the heart of the mountain regions.

Both these options are custom tours, arranged by special prior request. Additional costs apply. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Includes: Bottled water and a packed picnic lunch or braai along a mountain stream.


Refreshments/ Specialised 4x4 and geological excursions.

For more information or to discuss your custom options, call Sandy: +27 71 680 7434, or e-mail us.