African Dust Safaris


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Do you believe in magic?

At African Dust Safaris we do… We encounter it every day on our travels, alive and well in places many centuries old – places recorded in the annals of history under a single name: Southern Africa.

At first, you may be forgiven for assuming Africa’s unique red dust is reason for irritation. It gets in your shoes, between your toes. It lightly powders your hair and settles in the creases of your skin. But this is no irritation. No, it is an invitation to be a very part of the magic of Africa! It is an intimate immersion in the magic of this special place, where the confluence of so many beautiful people, cultures and tongues, erupts in a celebration of elemental life and unrivalled natural beauty.

The African dust testifies to survival of the past and creation of the present – each particle of dust serving as a primaeval time capsule, that constantly captures the magic of an unfolding colourful story. For in the African dust, you find the harsh reality of wars that soaked the sand in blood, and the strength of the indomitable human spirit that overcame, and spilt tears that healed broken lands.

This is no ordinary dust, for it is the product of the relentless labours of the African elements – the fruit of the rivers washing over boulders, and the abrasive winds whistling their mournful songs across majestic mountains, and through ancient caves It is the red canvas upon which the sun unleashes its fiery splendour every day, and the thirsty sponge that eagerly embraces the rain angry storms unleash.


                                                             Africa is calling, and I must go…

It is the magic ingredient in beautifully sculpted clay pots – moulded by hands that are the keepers of ancient art forms. The African dust is the vibrant colour in oxides that decorate traditional huts and homes that have been hewn from the ground on which they stand. It is the fragrant powder that rides on the breeze as the carpenter skilfully shapes handmade cooking utensils, statues of animals, fishing boats and furniture.


The African dust is the sparkle in the beads of traditional jewellery, it is the bosom from which trees, fruits and vegetables drink the essence of life. It is the crushed bones of fierce wild animals.  It is the essence of the proverbial circle of life – made up of pure earth and the ashes of yesterday’s cooking fires.

You see, it is in this magical African dust, that life continues. It carries a raw energy that testifies to the sheer beauty that is Africa. If you don’t believe in magic, chances are you have not yet experienced the rich essence of this place that is the very epitome of the sands of time.

We invite you to embark on this journey of discovery with us. But be warned: when you leave, Africa will own a piece of your heart.